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The Project

I will interview suicide attempt survivors in all 50 U.S. states about what gave them hope in the midst of their struggle, what gives them hope today, and what factors they attribute to their survival.

The Purpose

I know that the only reason I survived my own struggle with suicide was the fact that I never once completely gave up hope. I want to inspire dialogue about the importance of hope, as well as motivate my audience to think about what gives them hope. Finally, I want to raise awareness for the myriad of reasons people stay alive when their brains are screaming not to. I want people who are struggling today to know that there are ways out other than suicide, and that people have taken them - and become healthy.

The Logistics

I am traveling by bus and train - and the occasional airplane - across the 50 U.S. states in order to conduct these interviews, as my schedule allows. In addition, interviews may also be conducted via video call. Interviewees will be identified by a myriad of methods, including friend referral, community events, self referral, and online events. All interviews may not be posted on the website. I may conduct multiple interviews in the same state. 

There is no timeline for this process, as I am mixing this project with personal travels and lifestyle endeavors across the U.S. and the world. This project is an ongoing discussion with no formal end date. 

If you donate to this project, 40% of the funds will be used for travel expenses to reach new states and some marketing efforts to raise awareness of the project. 60% will be donated to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Each interview will be written up and posted to this blog in the "Coast to Hope" category. 

Want to be Interviewed?

If you are a suicide attempt survivor and want to be interviewed by me as a part of the Coast to Hope project, you can use the contact form below or email me directly at

I will use a first name to identify you, but you can choose a pseudonym if you don't want your real name to be used publicly.

I may record our conversation, but only for the purposes of getting your ideas straight when I write about our talk. 

No photographs will accompany the project at this time. 

If you have any safety or privacy concerns, let me know and we will address them together. I will not ask you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

A blog post featuring your story will be posted to this blog and shared on my social media channels. 

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