Black Lives Matter

I have been away from my blog through quarantine as a result of what can only be described as my entire brain turning to mashed potatoes with days that blend together and run over me like gravy. In that time, so much has happened, and so much is still happening. We are in the midst of a pandemic, under an administration that cannot be trusted to handle it. We are in the midst of a revolution, carried by the birthing pains of the rights we all deserve and the slow death of a system that should have been serving all of us all along. While I created this blog as a space to explore my own experiences freely, and all of my experiences are blanketed in white privilege, I do not want to ignore speaking out on things that matter so much. I am anonymous here, but I am a white ciswoman and a social scientist with a role to play and a voice to use. I want you to know that I am using it even though I can’t find the written words to share here sometimes. I invite you to use your voice with me. We are allowed to take breaks and care for our mental health, but we are also obligated to learn the balance between self-care and using our privilege to amplify others. I will share more on these topics when I am able. In the meantime, I affirm that black lives matter. Black trans and nonbinary lives matter. Black queer lives matter. Black disabled lives matter. Black. Lives. Matter.

With so much love,


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